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In this section you will find 637 issues of Kultura, the monthly journal (from 1947 to 2000), 171 issues of the Historical Notebooks (from 1962 to 2010), books that appeared in the Biblioteka Kultury (Kultura Library), and bibliographies of all the publications of the Literary Institute. A full list of the Institute’s publications can be read by clicking here. Note that all materials in this section are currently available only in Polish. Begin by choosing a year. To see a table of contents for one of the journals, pass the cursor over its cover and you will see an arrowed tag, within which the highlighted spis treści should be clicked. PDFs of articles, etc. can be generated from the tables of contents that can be found on the right of your page. A PDF reader such as Adobe is required for this purpose. Descriptions of books can be obtained by clicking on the title of the book within the KSIĄŻKI IL heading within the right-hand column of each year’s page. (A few books are available in PDF format.) An enlarged image of any magazine or book cover can be obtained by clicking on the cover itself. Full bibliographies of the Institute’s publications can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate covers (at the foot of each page). Dedicated PDF readers (such as Acrobat) may give additional functionality, such as searches within the text. For reading PDFs on tablets and smartphones, we suggest using the iBooks application on IOS systems, and Adobe Reader on Android systems.